A blogging year in review

It is that time of year again. That time when you can't watch TV without seeing one of those year best-of specials. This year we also get the best of the decade specials! Every new year I look back at the entries in my blog and see what I accomplished/happened this year. And every year is the same thing. I feel like I didn't get anything done this year but looking back is pretty cool. This is probably one of the main reasons I keep this blog. So let's see...

In January I went back to Paducah for a visit. I planned to be there for a week but my friends had other plans and paid my flight change to stay another week. I learned my lesson and when I went back next July and I stayed for two weeks.

I made:

Turned 31 years old. Started wearing glasses which I think look pretty cool.

Oh my god! Look at the gray hairs in that picture!

Went to my high school friend Enith's wedding in Puerto Rico.

Who is now pregnant, by the way. Don't we look fabulous?!?

Dinsky made a new friend and a new enemy.

Got to know the area a little better by going here, here and here.

My family came up with the best Halloween costume ever!

My cousin Gene and her family came for a visit.

The two biggest accomplishments this year were getting a Design Degree and started driving. I used to think that this year I didn't move forward and not much happened but after writing this post I feel pretty good about 2009 and ready for what is to come in 2010.

To all of you how read my blog, thanks for reading about my sometimes-not-so-exciting life and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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