Kandisnky Sunday - Dinskmas

On Tuesday I woke up and there where some strange packages in the living room wrapped in green and red. As I usually do, I started meowing and walking on top of Aynex to wake her up. I had to find out what these packages where. Aynex finally woke up and told me that those packages where for me for being a good kitty. I couldn't believe it. I know I haven't been a good kitty. It must be a trick. Suspiciously, I climbed on top of the biggest package and read the tag.

Here is what it said

I don't know anyone named Santa but I like him already if he is going to give me gifts. So I started unwrapping and unwrapping and unwrapping...

...until I found myself in a mountain of wrapping paper.

I had so much fun and that I had to take a cat nap.

In the packages I found a cat bed. It is a little girlie for such a masculine cat but it is comfy.

I also found a cat toy.

And finally, the holy grail, a big bowl of catnip!!

Have you ever seen a cat in catnip?

I must have been a really good kitty this year.


Jlily said...

I enjoyed Danski's "cat-nipped" antics. Sparky enjoys opening his presents from Santa, too. I am glad Danski does not read the calendar.

Our train is smoking as it chugs along the track.
It is open for viewing if you'll come back!! JLily

William F. Renzulli said...

A fun story in photos. I love your imagination!