Adventures in Online Dating

I thought I had a pretty boring life but now my opinion is changing. The events of the past few days, I have proven my theory wrong. I had a close encounter with a meth lab investigation (which everyone is making fun of now, thank you very much!), I just finished a video for Martha Stewart (more on that later) and I started online dating.

Online dating was the one thing I said I was never going to do. I have only heard bad things about it. Now I can see why. I’m ready to start dating. I have a business idea and I needed to do some research. After some pushing from a friend I decided to give it a try. OMG! I have never met so many weirdos in my life all conglomerated in one place to form a giant strange monster that wants to date you. I am looking in my area (Western Kentucky) and it seems like every single man here is a redneck with a mullet that works in construction or a trucker that likes hunting, fishing and watching Nascar. Like this one “I love all outdoor activities camping hunting fishing Huge nascar fan like restoring old cars and trucks like going to yardsales flea markets collecting antiquies.” Eww! DELETE. Then there was this one: “hi, do you have messenger, if you do we can talk more easier their” DELETE. And this one: "si te sientes mas comoda escribiendo en inglis that's fine with me too I can write one or the other it does not realy matter to me. but I much rader wriet in spanish cos I love my fist language n it is just such a beatifull languages; so there for it would be batter if we can wriet in spanish. el epanol tiene algo que el ingles no tiene. tiene mucho corazon a comparacion de ingles que es muy murto para espresar los sentimientos. bueno asta luego si te gustaria conoserme un poco escribe y despues beremos.” Bilingual people understand why this is a DELETE. And this one: “I would be willing to bet that, you personality is quite refreshing,like that perfect of coffee that you only seem to make every once in awhile.” DELETE. I’m not making this up.

So I decided to widen my search and look all over the country. A guy emailed me and he seemed nice and normal and living in Las Vegas. Far enough. Safe. So I started chatting with him. We had a nice conversation although at times he threw in these deep philosophical thoughts but he seemed nice and funny. Then he says “I have a video online, look for it” I search and found it. The title of the video was “Card Counting as an Spiritual Experience”. No, I am not lying. He is being interviewed about his method of… Why am I explaining this? It was weird, ok? Did I mentioned he was wearing a red halter top in the video and he looked 51 as opposed to 31 like he said in his profile? So all of a sudden in the middle of our conversation I started to get sleepy, very sleepy and had to go. DELETE.

And don’t get me started on the pictures… Two good things have come out of this experience. My self-esteem is now twice as high as before because I think, if this is what’s out there, then I’m a really good catch! Another good thing is that it has been hiiiiilarious and now I have a blog material for years! I’ll keep you posted…

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William F. Renzulli said...

Aynex, this is great. Although I could have told you what a good catch you are, and saved you all the trouble.
Now, about that date.....
Bill R

Aynex Mercado said...

I hope that date involves pasta and sausages. Shh! Don't tell Patience...

Mary Thorsby said...

Aynex, the coffee guy sounds sweet! Coffee drinkers have a complete and total understanding of the rare perfect cup. Undo your delete!!!!

Aynex Mercado said...

If you had seen him you wouldn't be saying that...

Patience-please said...

Hey! Behave you two! Mary, keep your eye on them til I get back, please. They're naughty while I'm gone. I've heard all about it.


Jenn And The City said...

Oh Dear Eye Necks. You should compare notes with "threeringcircussideshow". Her blog outlines her Match experiences, which include a convicted felon and a cross-dresser. I, on the other hand, met Saint Rob on Match.com.
Patience's whippety friend Jenn

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