The semester is over and I got all my paints back. I don't think painting is my thing but for record-sake, here they are in chronological order from earliest to latest.

At first we did still lifes

I got an A+ on this one and don't know why. It is my least favorite one.

Then we had to copy a Cezanne. I was pretty impressed with how it came out.

Then we had to paint plein air which was a pain in the #$%@.

Then we did two abstracts.

Then we did a surrealist painting. That is when I realized that I can't make something look realistic nor do I want to and I just started to have fun. Oddly enough, the foot looks pretty realistic.

Finally we painted a portrait from a real model. Yes, she was dressed. Thank God.

I finish the class with a lot of left over paint and canvas so I guess I'll keep at it. See what comes out.

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