The Plain People

Last Saturday we took a day trip to Lancaster, PA to see plain people. I'm not being disrespectful. That's what the call themselves. Which I think is kind of funny.

We had a nice time. We tried some shoo-fly pie, which taste better than it looks, had a few close encounters with horse buggies and got lost a few times. I didn't want to be in their faces taking pictures so I took pictures of the landscape.

It was so nice and peaceful and on the way home I had this conversation with my Mom:
Mom: So now you want to move in with the Amish people.

Me: Yes, but I have to take my computer. I am so messed up physically that I wont have to work hard in the fields.

Mom: No, but they are going to make you sew quilts day and night... and by hand!

Me: Ok, idea scratched.


Patience-please said...

That's about half an hour from where we used to live. Did you go to Intercourse? Blue Ball? Bird In Hand!

Aynex Mercado said...

I did go to Intercourse. Unfortunately there was none of that. false advertisement. We didn't know anything about the area and ended up eating at a BBQ place which was awful.

Ana Cordova said...

I loved visitng the Amish while I was studying nearby. They make the best freshest pies and stuff like that! Isnt it ironic that these plain people's town is called Intercourse and their newspaper is the Intercourse News!?!?! hahahaha i always laugh when I think of that!

Aynex Mercado said...

Yeah, my Mom wanted to buy a mug that said "I stop for Intercourse" but my sister wouldn't let her. :)