The End or The Begining

I finished my design degree this month after a lot of sweating and praying. I was in the verge of failing a class and having to stay another semester to get my degree. The worst part was that it wasn't a class related to my degree. I was aceing those. It was fricking Chemistry! But I won't go over that again. You can read about it here.

Here are my grades.

As promised, here is what I did in my Computer Graphics class. Our first assignment was to make a poster of a famous person using only typography. I used a photo of Colin Meloy the singer of one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists. Ok, he may not be that famous. The letters used in the poster are lyrics from some of his songs. Here's the photo I used and the final poster.

After the poster, we were assigned to redesign the coke brand. We had to design labels for four coke products.

We were assigned to design a book cover for a famous book. I was assigned Huckleberry Finn. We had to design and hand-in the completed design in a 2-hour period. I think I did pretty well for such a short time.

Another project we had was to design a poster to promote a student design competition. The organization that is holding the competition selected one poster to promote it. My design wasn't selected which was a total disappointment and I was ready to kill someone... but we won't into that. Here is my design.

Our final project was to design a newsletter that had to use only two colors and two fonts. I made a newsletter for the Paducah Renaissance Alliance since I already do some work for them and had a lot of the information.

So now what? Since finishing school I have been in a limbo. I know what I have to do. I have it all planned out in my head step by step. I just can't seem to get the momentum. I keep saying to myself "I'll start in the New Year" so here I go...

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gatofish said...

Your designs are so beautiful!

Bummer about the chemistry grade, though. It's not for everyone. More for me, though! :)

Feliz Año Nuevo!