Enith's Wedding

On April 18th was Enith and Christian's wedding in Puerto Rico. Enith has been my friend since High School and I had to be there.

A little angel helped me get there.

The wedding was beautiful and perfect. Everything happened just like it was supposed to happen. Maybe that was because they had a Nazy wedding planner. She was beautiful and the wedding had a lot of nice details like the lights shinning on the dance floor with their initials

and the bread shaped like a heart.

I made my dress and this is the only picture I have of the whole dress. My grandparents will kill me if the know I posted this photo online.

My fabulous cousin Gene did my hair and makeup.


William F. Renzulli said...

Your dress is almost as beautiful as you. And we still love you.

Patience-please said...

Can your fabulous cousin Gene do my hair and makeup someday?

You look MAHVELLOUS!!!

OMG ha ha haha haha the secret word verification thingy is "dinkist"! As in Dinsky-ist.. that's you!