Our Father's Day

This Father's Day the family spent the day at Harper's Ferry.

We had a good time and gave Kiara (8-year-old) the job of reading the signs to tell us what we were looking at. We learned that Harper's Ferry was a place where some war happened a long time ago but she forgot the name of the war.

I felt at home.

These people were showing visitors how muskets work while I was peacefully walking by without paying attention. All of a sudden the guy fired the gun and I yelled very loudly "Oh Sh#t!" I want to publicly apologize to everybody that was present.

My sister never has her Blackberry too far away.

But one of the best things about the day was Kiara's card to her dad.

It says
I love you! The times I hate was when you yell at me. But I'm over it. Oh, well happy father's day.

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