What I learned...

I just got home after 2 weeks in Paducah and this is what I learned from my trip. I apologize in advance from all the inside jokes that only a few people are going to get.

1. I have the best most fun BFF.

2. I have a new BFF and they are related.

3. I can't stay up late like before.

4. Going to a dark movie theater after 3 glasses of wine is not a good idea, no matter how good the movie is.

5. A keg full of Cosmos makes a festival more fun.

6. Not all dogs are stinky annoying fuzzy things (but most are).

7. Speed dating is fun (most of the time).

8. I hate hot humid weather.

9. Everything is better with wine.

10. Everything is better with chocolate.

11. Everything is better with friends.

12. Sushi tastes better when a cute guy feeds it to you.

13. There is way too much drinking in Paducah.

14. I don't like to have long hair.

15. Paducah is where I belong and I should get back there at some point.


Patience-please said...

#15!!! #15!!! #15!!!!
And I know you're talking about the whippets as the non-annoying, non-stinky examples of dog perfection, but I'm too excited about #15!!!!

Aynex Mercado said...

I actually wasn't talking about the whippets. I was talking about Amber but the whippets are alright too.

Nikki D. May said...

Well, she may have been talking about me in #1, but certainly not in #6!!! #1 and #2 think you should definitely (def!) try for #15! And I totally agree with all but one or two of these.

Sandi said...

Is #2 me??? I hope so :)

Aynex Mercado said...


Sandi said...

okay... just making sure :)

I miss both my sisters so much :( Home is lonely and there is so much less laughing!