Kandinsky Sunday - Mr. Meany

I have to figure out how to punch numbers on the telephone with my paws and call the Humane Society Police so they can arrest Mr. Meany and get him out of my house. Not only does he torture me with baths and medicine now he is challenging me to boxing matches.

The mortal Aynex, that is supposed to protect me, just sits there taking pictures.

But the other day, Mr. Meany did the worst thing he could have ever done in the history of a cat's life. He brought home THIS!!!!

His name is Chuy. I call him CHUBAKASHAKALAKADINGDONG. The length of those letters are about the length of this thing. Eventhought I'm about twice the size of this thing, I'm a little afraid of it. People ask me why am I afraid of it. HELLO! It is a dog! Mr. Meany is in love with it and it follows him around all day. He even has the nerve of playing with MY Audrey.

But I'm sending him a message. Stay out of my way or...

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Patience-please said...

I hadn't seen it. I was in Italy when you posted it.
Well now I need to change into my jammies, cause I just peepeed my panties.
soggily yours-