Happy Birthday America!

A few days ago I had this conversation with Cisco, my brother-in-law.
Me: So, what are we doing for Fourth of July?

Cisco: I don't know. Your sister asked me the same thing.

Me: Why is she asking you? She is the planner.

Cisco: That's what I said... I don't know. Maybe we'll just go for a ride.
The Fourth comes and we packed the family in the minivan, dog included, and we go for a ride. After a coffee stop and a couple of hours driving someone asked "So where are we going?" Cisco answers "We are going to see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge". Awhile ago we had seen a TV show on bridges and they had shown the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as one of the longest bridges in the world. It is 17 miles long. So we keep driving and keep driving, and keep driving.

Seven hours later we arrive at the bridge.

We asked Cisco if he knew how long it was going to take and he said "It looked close on the map."

The dog needed to go for a walk.

After our long adventure we drove back home which interestingly only took four hours and we stopped for and all-American dinner at Sonic while listening to fireworks in the distance..

Moral of the story: Don't let Cisco plan our trips.

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