Yesterday Methadventures

Yesterday was an adventure. My life is like a movie. Yesterday's episode started as a police movie and finished as a silly comedy.

Ok, let me start from the beginning. A few weeks ago I had been joking with some friends of mine that my upstairs neighbors had a meth lab because they work at night and come home at 3 am and have people in and out at strange times. Since the weather has been so nice I opened the windows about 3 days ago. I had been noticing a bad smell in my apartment and I couldn't figure out what it was. I looked everywhere and didn't see anything wrong. I asked a friend what it smelled like a she said that it smelled like pesticide. So I started thinking that maybe what joke was not a joke. I send my friend the Google Goddess to search if pesticides where used to make meth. She found an article saying that now fertilizers are used to make meth. So I started getting a little afraid but I didn't had any prove. The next day I called my landlord to complain about the smell and told him that I thought the smell was coming from upstairs. He said he was going to call them.

The next day, yesterday, I keep smelling the smell and I got a little more worried. I had visions of houses blowing up and police raids and I was freaking out. I read a list of signs to recognize a meth lab onine. I went outside and looked in their windows and they were blocked off with some black fabric or plastic. I looked around the floor and I found a piece of plastic tubing. Those two things combined with the smell almost convinced me that my suspicions were true. I called some friends of mine freaking out. They came over and noticed the smell too and after I explained my suspicions, everyone started freaking out and it was a collective freak out. I started grabbing Dinsky's things,my computer, my video camera and I moved to a friends house until we figure out what the smell was and if there was a meth lab upstairs. By the way, Dinsky used my friends toilet right away.

Of to the police station we went. We talked to an investigator and the police was at my house right away. The investigator explained to me that it would surprise him if there was a meth lab there because now they are basically importing it because it is harder to get the raw materials here and that they are usually in rural areas were people won't notice the smell. But they were going to investigate anyway. They came to the apartment. My upstairs neighbors were home. The police asked if they could look around and they agreed. The police looked and didn't find or smell anything wrong. The investigator called me to tell me what they had done and also told me that they had paved a road around me recently and maybe that's what I was smelling. A friend of mine that had been at home earlier, drove by a road that had been recently paved and said that it smelled similar to my house. My neighbors work at night so maybe that is why they have block off the windows. Who knows what the tubbing I found is?

Now I feel like the stupidest person on earth. I made this huge deal out of nothing. I made my neighbors have theirs apartment searched by the police. I wasted the police's time. I missed a day of work. I made Dinsky move to a strange place. I made my friend miss her chiropractor's appointment. This was a lesson on why you should joke about other people. You start believing your own lies. You mix my strong sense of smell with my and my friends inexperience with meth and it is a recipe for disaster. Maybe that should be the tagline of my movie. Now I'm on my way to buy an I'M Sorry Gift for my neighbors.


Patience-please said...

You are NOT the stupidest person on earth. I have got you beat by a mile. (Ha! Doesn't THAT make you feel better?) You did NOT do anything out of meanness. Stupid would have been to let the house blow up by not reporting your suspicions to the police.
We love our Aynex!

Anonymous said...

By the way, those big tanks beyond the Executive Inn hold liquid asphalt. On occasion, if the wind is right, you can get the smell of them. (That's how I found out what they were, one day over in the hotel parking lot--smelling, wondering aloud, and having someone nearby that knew where the smell was coming from.)
Having your windows open for the first time in a while could have let that scent in.
Kentucky Quilter Linda L.

Aynex Mercado said...

Thanks for the info. Now that I know what it is, every time I smell it I think to myself, "Of Course it smells like asphalt. Stupid, stupid... I bought my neighbor a $20 gift card at Etcetera and wrote them a letter.

Mary Thorsby said...

If anything, you got a fun story out of it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE youre headline!!! xoxoxomt