New year, new blog...

I have been meaning for a long time to change my blog to a different service and I finally did it! The blog Que es lo que pasa aqui? Ah! has a new address now. the new address is:

Please change your bookmarks because new fun stuff is coming up. Check it out!


One more to do off my list!

The end of the year is near and it is making me want to get everything finished so I can start 2011 fresh. I needed to finish the gallery for the Frederick County Civil War Roundtable website and I just did. I think it is pretty cool and informative. Take a look.

Now when I'm going to have time to update my own website?


2010: A Blogging Year in Review

New Year's card I designed for 123print.com

Like every TV channel has their end-of-the-year summary of the big events that happened that year, I do the same. Ok, let's see what I did this year...

But my biggest accomplishment this year is one I never talked about in the blog. When I had my car accident in 1997, I started receiving Social Security Disability. Ever since I got it, I wanted to be able to live without it. I didn't wanted to be a burden on the government and feel like I depended on that. I always had some form of other income but it was never enough to be able to live without at least some Social Security income. For the first time this year I am earning enough money that I do not need Social Security and it is a good feeling. 

All in all a year of new beginnings...

New Web Design: The Uniform Store

A few months ago I was hired by the owner of The Uniform Store in Winchester, VA to redesign their website. They wanted the site to reflect the look and atmosphere of the store. After a couple designs after seeing photos of the store, the new Uniform Store website was born. The illustrations in the site are done by artist Tracey Buchanan, who I also designed a site for.

Click on the dog Millie to see his cute page.


Not Your Typical Wedding...

On December 19th my Dad got married in Puerto Rico. It was a very special experience to share with my Dad and his new wife Yadira.

It was also fun and not your typical wedding. I guess that when you are over fifty, the wedding rules do not apply. It was clear that it wasn't going to be your typical wedding when the whole wedding party and guests met on the side of the road in Carolina.

After everyone arrived, we all left together to where the wedding was going to take place in Loiza. My Dad is in a motorcycle club and there were about 20 or 30 motorcycles and about 10-20 cars. We all drove in a row following them to the wedding. It was easy to spot them in the crowd because they were sitting on a black convertible.

In such a long line of cars and motorcycles we were bound to run into red lights that would break the group. But I guess the motorcyclists have done this before. Whenever there was a red light, they would stand on the way of incoming traffic to block them and let the wedding guests continue with the group.

It was crazy but it was fun. I was waiting for the cops to arrive and arrest us all. I wonder what the outsiders thought. The probably thought it was a big celebrity driving by. Finally we arrived at the the venue. The place was gorgeous right on the beach. I walked in with my Dad. She walked in with her two sons.

After a short and sweet ceremony, the party began.

It was good to spend time with my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen in a while.

During the toast, her mom said a few words, their friends said a lot of words and I tried to say a few words. I don't know if they heard any thru my sobs. I'm very happy to see my Dad in a group of people that care a lot for him and a new wife that I know will be there thru thick and thin.

Yadira, welcome to the family.


I'm published!

Well, only one of my designs is in a book. But still pretty exciting. In the book Creative Workshop: 80 challenges to sharpen your designs skills by David Sherwin I made a design for a wine label.

Always cool to see your name in print.

The book is very cool. It has a lot of fun design challenges. I'm committing to do one a week starting in the new year and posting the results here. I'm not going to do all of them but it should be fun.


Happy Thanksgiving to me!

This year because of circumstances beyond anyone's control, my family was 300 miles away and I spent Thanksgiving Day by myself. I was determined to not get sad about it. So when I got up in the morning I made a big nice breakfast. It wasn't a day for Pop Tarts or cereal.

I ate breakfast while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Yeah Beverly, that is your sunflower and Mark that is your artwork next to the TV. I used to see the parade every year like every kid. I probably haven't watched it for over ten years now. I noticed two things. I remember that in the past, there was a lot of emphasis on the big balloons and less on the performers. Now is the opposite. I probably saw like ten balloons and they were in the background of the show. Maybe I just remember the big balloons in my ten-year-old mind. Another thing I noticed (bug me) was that NBC uses the parade to constantly promote their shows. That was annoying.

So what is a graphic designer to do alone on Thanksgiving? This:

I was doing fine will all the alone-for-thanksgiving deal until I got this text (or tex-mex like my mom calls them) from my sister.

I still don't know why she sent me that and I don't think she understands why that was wrong. The I got a call from my mom suggesting that I should go to a restaurant. And sit by myself? How sad is that?

Then I remembered there were three others that were alone during Thanksgiving. I went to the supermarket bought three turkey dinners (thanks Terrin for the idea) and a cheesecake and went to visit them.

They probably thought I was a crazy cat lady at the supermarket buying cat food on Thanksgiving. At least I got some cheesecake. While watching the kitties have their Thanksgiving feast, I realized how similar to humans they are. Of all three cats the female cat, Artemis, stopped eating before the male cats. She must be watching her weight.

And the fattest cat, Dinsky, ate her leftovers. I guess there won't be turkey sandwiches tomorrow.

That night I had the mexican version of Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, there is some vodka in that cranberry juice. And of course, cheesecake.

Let's hope next Thanksgiving I'll have more company of the human kind.


It's a housewarming!

Last weekend I had a Housewarming Party in my new apartment. Now I know why they call them housewarming parties. My apartment and I were warm and happy. :)