Kandinsky Sunday

Let me introduce myself. This is not Aynex typing. It is me. Dinsky. Pleasure to meet y'all. Excuse the Southern accent but I'm originally from Mayfield , KY. The Mortal that I chose to live with, Aynex, has been slacking of with her most important weekly duty, talking about me on Saturdays. So I have decided to take it upon myself and write the very interesting weekly column Kandinsky Sunday instead. I prefer that name instead of Dinsky that sounds so mundane and childish for such a cultured cat as myself. Who knew that paw-typing would be so hard! And getting The Mortal away from the computer wasn't easy either.

I'll take this opportunity to tell you about my day. I got up this lovely Sunday morning at exactly 5:30 am like i regularly do and proceeded to walk on top of The Mortal. Every morning I need to walk on top of her to get my daily morning exercise. It is those hills and valleys that help me maintain my beautiful figure. The Mortal's twists and turns on the bed keep my exercise routine more interesting and the occasional scream and hand slapping keeps me alert. So eventually The Mortal rises around 6:00 am and stumbles around the house to give me a much needed breakfast after a refreshing exercise session. Of course, I have to meow at her a few times to get her lazy behind out of bed.

Today after breakfast, I made The Mortal play with me and Audrey by acting all cute in front of her. I have her wrapped around my finger or paw I should say. Audrey is a stupid dog that lays around the floor all day and lets me bite of her eyes out. After I was done allowing The Mortal to play with me, I went into the kitchen. When I decide that playtime is over, I just attack The Mortal and slap her head a few times and she backs away. As I was saying, I went into the kitchen, I could smell something good but couldn't put my paw on the smell. I sniffed around and the smell was coming from the shelves in the kitchen. While The Mortal cleaned some dishes, I found the heavenly source of the aroma! A wonderful bag full of catnip! Oh My! I was in heaven! I got the bag down from the shelves, tore it to pieces and rolled around in amazing catnip! I got it all over the floor and it was great. Cat Nirvana! I hope I'll find another bag of catnip tomorrow. Check back in a week for more Kandisky Adventures.

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