Kandinsky Sunday Returns

Yes, Yes. I had to appease the readers that keep bombarding my inbox asking me about my weekly column. I took a break from it for awhile because I have too many other obligations in my cat life. I have to lay in every corner of the house to find out where is it more comfortable to take a nap. I have to tease the dog when he is in his crate and show him who is the boss. I have to hide close to the door for hours and wait until someone comes in or out so I can escape to the outside world.

But now that I have taken one of my duties of my to-do list, I can return to my very much anticipated weekly column, Kandinsky Sunday. What is that duty I crossed off, you ask? I ended the war against one of the felines in the household. Yes, I ended the war after finding out Luna is not that bad. We are friends now.

Now there is those other two pests... I mean pets that are so annoying.

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