2010: A Blogging Year in Review

New Year's card I designed for 123print.com

Like every TV channel has their end-of-the-year summary of the big events that happened that year, I do the same. Ok, let's see what I did this year...

But my biggest accomplishment this year is one I never talked about in the blog. When I had my car accident in 1997, I started receiving Social Security Disability. Ever since I got it, I wanted to be able to live without it. I didn't wanted to be a burden on the government and feel like I depended on that. I always had some form of other income but it was never enough to be able to live without at least some Social Security income. For the first time this year I am earning enough money that I do not need Social Security and it is a good feeling. 

All in all a year of new beginnings...

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