I'm moved!

When I moved to Maryland from Kentucky, the plan was to get my own place right away but the plan changed once I picked up the newspaper and saw that the lowest rent was in the $800's. I was paying $350 a month in Kentucky. I was going to school and didn't had a regular income so I stayed at my sister's house for two years.

Now things have changed and I have been in my own place for a week now. Things are still in boxes and I am still getting used to being in an apartment by myself as opposed to being in a house with five other people, three cats and a dog. Here's a mini tour of how things look.

I am not allowed to paint the walls and I can't stand white walls but that is ok. I have tons of art that I haven't unpacked yet.

The problem is going to be if I have enough walls.

There is a lot of red around here so I had a pedicure to match my apartment.

My mom made a flower arrangement that was meant for someone else but it looked so good in my living room, I left it there. Shhh! don't tell her.

Having my own space again is great. The only bad thing is that pets are not allowed so I can't have Dinsky with me. He is stating at my sister's. Something tells me he doesn't mind at all.

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William F. Renzulli said...

Congratulations on your new home. If you will send me an address I would like to send you an apartment warming gift.

How is the new hip?