When in Paducah...

About a month ago I went to Paducah. I haven't posted anything about the trip because when I go to Paducah is like going home so not much exciting things happen to blog about because I just spend a whole week visiting my Lowertown family. I also saw my good friend Ann that had a quilt in the book and exhibit New Quilts from an Old Favorite.

I stayed with Nikki and her three beasts or dogs, as she likes to call them. I didn't know what to think when the first thing I saw in her house was a big bottle of Poop-off. I wonder if it was a coincidence that it was next to the Spanish dictionary.

The rest of the week was spent in front of a dinner table.

Talking to friends, waiting for dinner to be ready,

eating yummy food,

and looking at Nikki sit in front of her computer

at Etcetera.

Looking like we were working

at Etcetera.

Catching up with old friends

and making new ones.

Getting a fabulous haircut at Karson Kelley Studio.

Of course I had my moments of stardom. I got my picture taken for the 3rd anniversary of iListPaducah.

And the first day I was there, I was on TV.

But don't blink cause you might miss me.


You-know-who said...

WOWOWOWOW. I know somebody FAMOUS. ON freakin T V. Yes. T baby V. And I thought I only had my chances for speaking with famous people when I worked for VISA (even famous people lose their credit cards).

Rayela Art said...

I just burnt the fish I had broiling cuz I got distracted by your pretty pictures and story...