Letter-A-Day: not quite yet

You may be wondering what happened to my Letter-A-Day Challenge since I haven't posted since Sunday. I have been working on it. I started working on letter M on Monday and since Monday is my day off, I did an Ambitious Monday Project. Then life happened and by life I mean too many dinner parties with too much wine involved and not a lot of creating time. Lack of time + Ambitious project = not finished product yet.

But I have been doing other M-related things like I had a beautiful Mocha at Etcetera Coffeeshop made by the stylish Jean. I also did a computer illustration of My Face that I think came out pretty good. It is funny how you give me a pen and paper and I can't draw to save my life but give me a computer or a sewing machine and I can do something decent.

My mouse looked lonely and cold and my desk was getting all scratched up so I made a fabric-covered Mousepad. Doesn't that look much better?

For my real M project you are going to have to stay tuned.


Laura K said...

I was wondering where you had been...I was having Aynex blog withdrawals!


Mary Thorsby said...

You should start an Aynex cartoon series with your new cartoon character! She's cute, cute, cute!