Letter-A-Day: L

For this day in my Letter-A-Day Challenge, I made two things. For the first thing, I made letters. I used the website fontifier.com to make a font from my handwriting. They give you a form to print, then you write each letter, scan it, send it to them and for $9 they make a font of your handwriting that you can use in any program. Since I'm going to be redesigning my website, I thought that using my own font will give it a more personalized effect. I hate my handwriting but how bad can it be, right? Well, pretty bad is the answer. Judge for yourself.

To justify my bad handwriting I have to say that when I had the car accident, my right hand never recovered as well as the left hand. I was right handed before the accident and had to learn to do everything with my left hand. Still, it is pretty bad.

So to compensate my sorry attempt of making something for this day, I made a small quilted landscape. It measures 3" x 5".


Patience-please said...

I'm still laughing too hard over your Valentine's dinner blog to make any articulate comment.

Although the font thingy is cool, and you know I love your little landscapes. Mine look so good on the mantlepiece.
Are you putting that on Etsy?

Aynex Mercado said...

I'm going to try to make more of them and sell them here during the quilt show. What doesn't sell, I'll put on Etsy.

William F. Renzulli said...

Sweet Aynex...you don't know Bad handwriting until you've seen mine.

Actually, I really like the font you've created and would encourage you to think about for your website.

Aynex Mercado said...

But you are a doctor. You are expected to have bad handwriting.