Letter-A-Day: M

Finally finished my M project. My BFF had surgery and I wanted to make something for her. She got a new laptop. I mean a real laptop, not one of those fake computers she plays around with. She got a Macbook Pro. Woo Hoo! Anyway, so I made her a Mac Messenger Bag to carry her laptop to Etcetera CoffeeShop because that is the only place she goes to.

I'm not very happy with the way it came out. The sewing is good and it is functional but it is, as Bizzy would say fugly. Form over function always! I put some things inside she could use in her encaustic pieces and a CD of Kate Nash inside. She is a whiny chick with a weird voice so Nikki must like her. I would understand if she doesn't use it but she has never been a form-over-function-kind-of-girl, which is weird for an artist/graphic/web designer. She seemed to like it. Anyway, is a good thing that is the thought that counts.

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Nikki D. May said...

Hey! Don't insult my messenger bag! It is NOT fugly... I love it! And once I'm allowed to have something besides clear liquids, I'll get my fat ass back over to Etcetera and use it.