Let's see how many new readers I get with that title. A month from now, I am having a hip replacement surgery. I had to go to the hospital to take a class on joint replacement. What to expect, ask questions, etc... I went with my Mom and my Sister. Of course after looking at us three they thought who was getting the hip replacement was my Mom. When the class started they handed out a pamphlet and they gave it to my Mom. This was the pamphlet.

All I hear are screams "I don't want to know. I don't want to know." And quickly she throws the pamphlet at me. The pamphlet had many graphic drawings that I'm not going to post here because I'm trying to keep this blog as family-friendly as possible. But there was one drawing that made me laugh. They recommend that you don't do anything for 4-8 weeks after the surgery.

Poor guy!


Anonymous said...

What a hoot! More medical procedures should come with instruction books and not just about sex! Good luck with your replacement!

Joe said...

I was just reading the same pamphlet!! (just kidding Aynex)