Emergency Kandinsky Sunday on Thursday

This is a disaster! My best friend is gone! Today I was looking for Audrey all over the house and I couldn't find her. I asked The Mortal's mother and she told me she had to throw her away!! And why? Because the sorry excuse for a dog that lives in this house decided to get sick on my poor Audrey. This is the last picture I have of her.

I remember when the Mortal brought Audrey home. When she took her out of the bag I got all scared but soon we got to be friends when I realized that she would let me bite her.

We would play games all the time like the time I choked her on the door knob

or when I tried to put my collar on her.

She always wanted to be around me even when I was tired of her.

She made the big trip to Maryland with me.

Audrey, you'll be missed.

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