What I am listening to...

As all of you know I am a fan of The Decemberists but once in a while I listen to other artists. When I find an artist I like, I get obsessed with him or her and that is the only thing I listen to. Right now I'm obsessed about Adele and Kate Nash. It is a coincidence that they are both from London and they look alike.

I have two friends living in London. Maybe I need to take a trip there soon.


Joe O said...

I didn't like the singing of the first one. I did, however, like the pianist's ability to play softer when necessary (2:02).

I didn't like the second one either, quite frankly.

If you like this kind of music, a kind of meloncholy music with sentimental value, check out Tori Amos. She can set a similar mood to these 2 artists, but she's also an excellent musician and has good control over her voice (and she's from Baltimore - So you can visit the beautiful Baltimore instead of London!).

Here's an example of Tori, live:


This song actually gives me chills. It's a song she wrote for her dad.

Anyway, we still friends?

Joe O. said...

Actually, the lyrics of the second piece are kind of cool.