My grandfather

A few days ago I got a text from my cousin Gene to tell me that there was a radio show that was doing a show in honor of my grandfather Avelino Munoz and it was being broadcasted online from Panama. I followed the link she sent me and listened.

For those of you who don't know (probably all of you), my grandfather was a famous organist during the 50's and 60's. He was born in 1912 in Panama and later moved to Puerto Rico. He wrote many songs and was very involved in the beginnings of TV in the island. He was known for making the organ speak. I had always known about him but I had never heard his music until I heard the show. Here is a song that shows how good he was in the organ. Sorry for the annoying bits where the radio show announces its name.

Unfortunately I never got to meet my grandfather. He died in 1962 when he was only 48 years old. My grandmother Xenia, who gave me my name, was only 29 when she became a widow. When my grandfather died they had 3 small children, my mom, my aunt Geneva and my uncle Avelino. My grandmother later got remarried to Joaquin Martinez Rousett who I consider my real grandfather.

Doesn't my uncle look just like his dad? While my grandmother was pregnant with my mom, my grandfather wrote her this song.

Ever since he died they have tried to find that musical gene in the family. Yes, I had to take the mandatory piano lessons but no luck. There are artists in the family, myself included, but that musical gene was no where to be found. A few years ago my cousin Joel started playing Reggeaton and he has been doing pretty well. Excuse me, he prefers to be referred to as Jowell now. His music is a little different from my grandfather's but the musical gene has been found. Whether they like it or not.

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