Kandinsky Sunday - Truce? Never!

Let me tell you the story behind last week's picture. I have found a spot on the futon that is very comfy but most importantly it is close to the food. So all day I go from the food bowl to the futon to sleep off the Friskys-induced coma. I keep hearing that I am getting fat but what they don't understand is that I need to keep my shape, my cylindrical shape that is.

So the other day I am sleeping on my comfy spot when all of a sudden I hear a loud CLICK! followed by a bright light. I open my sleepy eyes and there is the mortal Aynex with the camera. There is nothing unusual about that she does that all the time. You should see her Pictures folder in her computer. Is a Dinskyfest in there! But as I am getting ready to go back to sleep I feel a certain bad presence very close to me. I turned my head and THERE HE IS! My mortal enemy Luna is sleeping next to me! What possessed him to sleep there, I have no idea. I never know what goes inside his tiny little brain. A truce? NEVER!

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