Te estas poniendo viejo...

"You are getting old..." That is what we say in Puerto Rico after singing Happy Birthday. How cruel is that! Especially when you are really getting old like Cisco, my brother-in-law. 

On August 9th was his birthday. We started the day by going to a winery. Between the wine and the conversation, we had a good time.
After the wine we had a picnic on Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Climbing a mountain after drinking wine is not a good idea but we survived.

We left the climbing to the "alcohol-free-people".

Ok, I have to admit, there wasn't much climbing but there was more conversation courtesy of WhiteNoise that doesn't know how to shut up. 

Then we went home and sang Happy Birthday. It wasn't the prettiest cake.

And finally, we went to a neighborhood party where there was more wine, conversation and tie-dyeing.

And we ended the day singing Happy Birthday... again. Te estas poniendo viejo...

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