Kandinsky Sunday - BATH!!!

I had you in suspense, huh? You didn't know if I was alive or dead or ever going to blog again. Well, I'm back. I was away for a couple of days sniffing my surroundings, fighting with the neighborhood cats and getting acquainted with my new kingdom. I came back to the surprise of everyone mainly because I know they'll give me food.
Even though the mortal had given me some smelly stuff behind my shoulders to keep away the itchy bugs, I brought some back with me. Everyone freaked out. I don't know why. I'm the one who is itchy. They all ran out and bought all these chemical stuff to kill the itchy bugs. What I didn't know was that the horrible was about to happen. That morning I was walking along, minding my own business, I hadn't even had my daily fight with The Others. When all of a sudden...WHAM! I was kidnapped by Mr. Meany. He dragged me into a glass torture chamber and scrubbed my delicate beautiful fur.

And then he had the audacity of putting a bell on my. AN ANNOYING BELL!!! The only thing more humiliating would have been a bow. I should have never returned...

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Mary Thorsby said...

Yay!!!! What a relief. I was very worried about little Dinsk. xoxooxmt