Travel Chronicles Continue...

Saturday morning we woke up in Savannah, GA. We parked downtown and walked around. Tarina gave us a tour since she seems to know everything about everything.

Saw beautiful architecture.

I didn’t know that Thomas Kinkade painted Nascar flags.

He may just as well.

We ate at The Cotton Exchange

which gets 4 Aynex’s

which is a very prestigious award because my family says I don’t like any restaurants.

Savannah is a beautiful place but I don’t know if we had bad luck but all the locals seemed to be in a bad mood and I wish it wasn’t so touristy but overall it was a nice place to visit. After we had lunch/dinner in the middle of a wedding, we where on the road again on our way to Orlando, FL.

Sunday we spent in Orlando and we met up with my cousin Gene and her family that were visiting Orlando from Puerto Rico.

I know you can tell she is a model.

We went to Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World

I met one of the million new cousins I haven’t met, Xadier Gael.

and I found out that water parks are not very handicap-friendly. When we entered the park they were giving free sunblock samples. I put it on and it stripped the paint from the handle of my cane. I don’t want to think what it was doing to my skin. Here we all are after a whole day in a water park and a big lunch.

At night we met with Ileana, a friend of my sister, and her new baby that is trying to sneak in the picture.

And you see what is at the top left corner of the picture? A Mickey Mouse. Yes, we went to Downtown Disney. It seams like we cannot come to Orlando without having a Mouse-filled day.

After all that baby-meeting fun, we were on the road again, hopefully for the last time for a few days, on our way to Ft. Lauderdale.

On Monday morning I woke up in our home for the five days. I turn on my computer and that’s when I found out the awful truth…THERE IS NO INTERNET!!! ARGG!HHHH!!


Paul Lorenz said...

OMG...the clan descends upon the mouse kingdom...it is time for cocktails...

Patience-please said...

Looks like you are having a great trip so far! I'm going to
Sweden tomorrow... OMG! Bill! The DOGS!! No I can't go!!!

Hey, where's Dinsky?

Anonymous said...

What a great trip so far (except for no internet!) Find a hot spot and keep us up to date on your adventures in the Sunshine state.

timerulesmylife said...

NO INTERNET~! DAMN~~!! How dare they? Surely there will be a signal somewhere! You can't leave me in such suspense!