More Travel Adventures...

Today is Sunday. We are stuck in Brunswick, GA until we can get a rental car tomorrow and drive 10 hours to Maryland. Why, you ask? Let me start where I left off.

We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale for five days. It rained most of the time so we spent a lot of time indoors which was fine with me because it was 150 degrees outside. This was our view.

We played board games, American Idol, watched the Travel Channel and went to the movies twice. We all had a good restful vacation.

The Scorcherer struck again.

We were able to overcome the powerful inertia we were suffering of and went out once in a while. We went to the beach in South Beach Art Deco District.

Ate some Thai Food.

Ate tons of Cuban food. Most here

Cisco was very happy

And so was Kiara

And all of a sudden it became Saturday and it was time to go. We packed our bags, paid our last respects to the baking gods of Don Pan and started our long journey back to Maryland. We we happily driving North on I-95, crossed the border and entered Georgia. Waiting there for us was a huge thunderstorm. It was raining so hard that we couldn't see the cars in front of us. There was thunder all around us. Falling very close to us. And them a big flash crossed the front windshield BANG!! CRASH!!! KABOOM!!! And the car slowed down...
Lightning had struck the right lane next to us. It fried the computer of the car, broke the sideview mirror next to me and the car was dead. We were slowly moving because we were going at a high speed so it still had momentum. My sister moved the car to the right lane because there was construction going on and the breakdown lane was blocked off. So we were standing in the highway with a car that was dead in the middle of a thunderstorm. I was just waiting for a car to hit us from behind. Thank God for cell phones! We called 9-1-1. The police arrived in about 10 minutes. Said "How many of youse all in there?" Stopped the traffic. Pushed us out of the highway. Called a "wreaker" that we later found out it was a tow truck and we were dropped off in a nearby hotel.

On our way to the hotel sitting on a dead van on a tow truck driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere 10 hours away from home , we saw a rainbow and somehow we knew it was all going to work out and all we could do was laugh it off.


timerulesmylife said...

Seeing the rainbow had to be worth all the trouble though! Well, maybe not!

madre-terra said...

Oh my gosh! What a tale. How freaky was that?
And then the rainbow...the universe conspires in mysterious ways.

Paul Lorenz said...

...now it is REALLY time for cocktails...