Sneak Peek

Yesterday while Janet and I selected the quilts for my show, this is what my living room looked like. It's pretty amazing how you can see seven years of your life just right there in front of you. All the memories. I can probably tell you where I got every little scrap of fabric in this picture. Every quilt has a story. Every quilt was made for a reason even if at the time I didn't think there was a reason for it. I am making the labels to put next to the quilts in the show. Originally I was thinking of just doing a regular label with just title and price. Now I'm thinking that this is a very personal show and most of the people who will be there know me in some capacity so I think I'll make the labels telling the story of the quilt. Not all the quilts in the picture will be at the show. You are just going to have to come and see for yourself what made the cut.

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Patience-please said...

YOU made the screen on the green graphic??? I should have guessed; it is PERFECT! You are such a clever little monkey. I still can't even think about you leaving here. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH.