My Saturday

Last Saturday I went to Laura and Bianca's wedding shower. Who would have thought that I would be going to a lesbian wedding shower in Paducah, KY. This is real progress. It was also Derby Day therefore the funny hats. I made them a hand embroidered pillow with their wedding invitation and initials. The wedding is next month and I'm not going to be here. I wish I were going to be here because it is formal and you know how much I like to dress up. The funny thing was that on one side of the restaurant was the lesbian wedding shower and on the other side was a group of high school kids having dinner before the prom.

Then we went to the Screen on the Green were they blow up a giant screen on the lawn and play a movie. The movie was called PlayTime and it is the most boring movie ever. Plus it was 50 degrees outside and I was freezing my buns off but just to support my boss, who planned it, I stayed for the whole thing. Me and other three people of the about thirty that were there.

I did the flyer. I think I got it pretty good. Big screen, two buildings, grass, no people, perfect!

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