On drunkedness

Now I know why so many artists and writers are alcoholics. It is so much easier to write and make art while you are drunk. I didn't say good art or good writing. This post is an example. This morning my plan was to go to the coffee shop, chat with some friends for a couple hours, come home and plan my exhibit for next week with Janet, the gallery owner, then ride around the neighborhood and deliver some postcards for my show and finally come home and work. I am working on a quilt for the show. The show is hung Thursday morning. I'm just starting this quilt today. Needless to say, I don't have a lot of time.

So everything goes acording to plan. I go to the coffee shop. I plan my exhibit with Janet. I go to deliver postcards. And then (screeching tires noise)... everything comes to a halt. I go to Mamacita and Papacito's house after delivering all the postcards. I sit on their porch and what this means in Lowertown is that you can kiss the rest of the day goodbye because you just entered porch-mode. So we sit there for a while (maybe hours) talking about our day. It is my job as the Walking Lowertown Information Center to get them up to date in all the happenings in Lowertown. Good and not so good. For example, our lovely Screen on the Green last night when we watch a torturously boring French movie in the cold, how certain someone declared his love for me, how someone ignored someone else just to be rude, how a cute guy waved at me and I don't remember who he is but I really want to remember who he is... Mamacita and Papacito live in a corner and to stay away from all the Lowertown drama, they stay in their corner while I just dive right in and tell them all about it.

So while I was talking to M&P, the guy who made us watch that boring film last night, walks by. I tell him that in Lowertown, there is a bullet with his name on it and he better go home and hide. But I can't stay mad at him for long so we walk home together. While walking home, we get stopped twice by neighbors that are in porch-mode too. I decided to stay in porch-mode. There was food involved and good conversation and wine. Lots of wine. Good thing my house is just across the street.

Now I'm drunk with hiccups drinking coffee and hoping that the buzz goes away so I can finish the rest of my plan for today after I finish this very long and wordy blog post.


William F. Renzulli said...

Walking Aynex home is always a slow and tedious task, with hiccups and a buzz it becomes almost impossible. Two steps forward, one hiccup and one step backwards or sideways. Nevertheless, committed to the task, we made it across the street and into her humble abode.

madre-terra said...

I am catching up on my blog reading and:
1. Get that man who makes people watch boring movies out of Lowertown before I get there!

2. Bad Cat! I would have been worried if my sweetie stayed out all night. Such a cat.

3. The reading level of my blog is 'elementary school'. That's embarrassing.

Have a good one.

Mary Thorsby said...

Aynex, your count-down widget over there on the right is making me VERY SAD.