Kandinsky Sunday - Cat's Night Out!

The other night I went out around 7 pm like I usually do. I was having too much fun eating grass, smelling everything, laying on the street...

I even found a dead bird and left it on the porch so that the mortal would think that I killed it. Anyway, I wasn't looking at my watch and time went by without realizing it. When I went back to my house all the lights were out and it was all quiet inside. I meowed at the door like I usually do but the mortal didn't come to the door. Her bike was there. She was home. I looked at my watch. It was 2 am! I have never been out this late. I needed to go in and take my much needed beauty sleep in the warm comfy bed. I meowed and meowed but the door wouldn't open. So I decided that it was time to find a place to sleep outside. In the morning I woke up with the sound of those annoying feathered creatures. I hope they all fly north soon. Again I meowed at the door and thankfully this time the door opened.

Aynex: Where were you all night?
(Cat rubs on Aynex's legs.)
Aynex: Do you think you are a big kitty?
(More rubs.)
Kandinsky: Meow!
(Cat turns away and heads to the food bowl.)
Aynex: Don't you go away when I'm talking to you, Mister!

I need food and a long cat nap.

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