Snoop Bitchy Bitch

Two days ago I get a call. It is someone I have met before. She says that she wants to look at my apartment. I tell her that there is someone getting the apartment after I leave. She says that she talked to my landlord and he said to come look at the apartment. Fine.

This has been a busy week at work because it was Quilt Week where the town goes crazy with quilters and I had to work longer hours plus the Lowertown Art & Music Festival is coming up and I am designing ads like there is no tomorrow. So my house is not in the best shape. Basically I get home everyday, drop everything on the floor and crash. Tomorrow is the last day I'll be working at the Information Center so I keep thinking "After I'm done with work, I'll pick up."

She comes to look at the apartment. I tell her to ignore the mess. She walks all around, looks in my closets where things were about to fall on her, goes in my bathroom, etc. Then starts to ask me about my bills and my neighbors and blah, blah, blah... So then I ask her "Are you thinking about moving from where you are?" and she says "No. I'm just looking." Heelllooo! Could you be more stupid? At least say that you are thinking about moving so it wouldn't be so obvious that you are just snooping around. She is probably telling all her friends about the mess I have in my house and how much I pay for electricity. I should have called my landlord...

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