Kandinsky Special Report - Meowria!

Last week the mortal's High School friend, Maria de Lourdes, came from Puerto Rico. I call her Meowria. There was some special event but I don't know what it was. Anyway, she spent the whole week here. I didn't like her at first. She slept all night on MY pillow. Who does she think she is? That is MY pillow. And then when I would meow to come in and then meow to go out as soon as I came in, she would get upset at me. Does she know who I am?

Anyway, after a few days I started to like her more because she would give me food. Tons of food. I was a happy cat. The mortal was happy too.

Meowria is silly.

And she is like me, she likes her food. Her favorite thing about Paducah was Cynthia's Restaurant.

Here is a picture of the only three puertorricans in Paducah. The people from that country look nice. For a bunch of humans.

And the mortal got jealous because her Paducah BFF and her Puerto Rico BFF got along so well together and they were speaking Italian all week long.

I miss Meowria. I'm hungry.


Nikki D. May said...

I miss Meowria too!

acquacorrente said...

Ahh, Dinsky! I miss you too! I miss your hair in my clothes, your hair in my food and most of all your hair in my pillow!

That mini-mortal that you sleep with is one of the persons I love most in the whole world...will you send her back to P.R... I miss her :(