I'll miss... dinner at Casa Cuckoo

Every two weeks or so I call Casa Cuckoo and ask "What's for dinner?" They are always very happy to see me.

Especially when I show up with my multiple cameras.

There is always some type of pasta on the menu. We eat cheese and wine sitting at the kitchen island while we watch Mr. Bill do his magic and then we move to the table to eat dinner. Finally dessert which will probably be Mayan Mocha ice cream.

There is always a little of flirting going on between me and Mr. Bill but always Delia wins. She is a lot sexier than I am.
I'm not a regular at Casa Cuckoo because of the food or the nine whippets that smell my crotch every chance they get.

I am a regular because it feels like home. There is always smiling faces. There is always good company and I know that at that moment right there there is love all around me.


Karoda said...

Hi Aynex, I've lurked at your blog for awhile and am sad to see you leaving Paducah...I've vicariously lived the Artist Relocation Program through you...I'm only in Louisville but have dreamed of being a part of the Paducah artist community since its inception. Peace and blessings with your move to Maryland.

timeisoftheessence said...