I'll miss... the Paducah Writers Group

Every Friday night the Paducah Writers Group meets at Etcetera Coffeehouse for an open mic night. They are incredible talented poets, writers and musicians of all ages. At first I went to the coffeeshop just to have some coffee and because I didn't had anything better to do. I would have coffee and hang out with my friends without paying any attention to those people over there saying things on the mic. Then one day my friends were not in the coffeeshop so I had no choice but to pay attention. Then I started coming every week. Then I was hooked. I became a regular. I meet fun people. I heard really good stuff. Then I read Dance Monkeys Dance and I became a star and that was it. Every Friday night at 8 pm you know where to find me. They even got me writing. I haven't written anything since High School. Maybe next time I'll read something I wrote.

Now that I'm leaving, I will miss this group. I'm sorry that I just got to know them but they have a special place in my heart and I'll be on the lookout for a group like that in Maryland.

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