Letter-A-Day: V

There is a movement around the country to stop violence against women. Every year all over the US there is a play that is preformed by anti-violence groups to raise funds and awareness towards the fight against violence. The play is called The Vagina Monologues. The day the play is preformed is called VDAY so it made obvious sense to dedicate my thing today to my thing. In Paducah, the play is performed to benefit the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center. This year it is scheduled for March 8 at Tilghman High School Auditorium. After the play, they are going to have a raffle and they are asking for donations so I made something to donate to the raffle. I made the VagiBag (name courtesy of my BFF).

Hopefully, outside the context of The Vagina Monologues, it is not too obvious that it is a vagina and you can use it. Maybe it is so awful that they will never ask me for any more donations. Hmmm... there's a plan... Anyway, if you want to be the lucky winner of this purse you are going to have to attend the play and buy lots of raffle tickets. Good luck!


Mary Thorsby said...

Love the Vagibag!!!! Perfect!

Sarah B. said...

Thanks for doing that Aynex!! Hope to see you Saturday! Cute bag, by the way! -Sarah

madre-terra said...

Love the Vagibag!!!
Make one next year when I will be there!
We sent in our proposal for a house today. I'm very nervous and excited.

Patience-please said...

This is your crowning achievement so far!!! Getting a quilt in THE Quilt Show? Piffle! THIS IS THE CREME DE LA CREME!!! I bet it will be the biggest ticket seller of ALL.

Thank you-

Laura K said...

First underwear..now the vagibag??? Aynex! You are SCANDALOUS!!!

Loves it!


creativityqueen said...

I love it! I wonder if cast members can participate in the raffle?!!? :-)


Patience-please said...

Well, Ms. Aynex. this clever item was the HIT of the raffle. I'm sure it sold enough tickets to do enormous good for the women's shelter. Good for YOU!