Letter-A-Day: W

In the past few days I have gone from toilet paper to thumbs to underwear to vaginas. You probably thought I was doing a Winky for today's Letter-A-Day Challenge. I would have but I just thought about it. Besides I can't think of a pretty way of making one. Anyway, I thought I should tone it down a little from now on and keep the PG rating of this blog so today I made so Woven Sketchbook Covers.

They are made of woven strips of silk fabrics and inside is a blank book. At the beginning of this challenge I said I wasn't going to buy anything but I broke my rule and bought the blank books. I did pretty good if I made it to letter W without buying anything. Funny how you can just put a vagina on your blog and your traffic doubles.


William F. Renzulli said...

Just imagine what a winky would do for you traffic.

madre-terra said...

Winkies aside.
Those are very beautiful book covers.