Letter-A-Day: U

I struggled to find something to make today with the letter U. I looked in a dictionary, asked people, looked on the web and I didn't realize that the answer was under my pants all along. Yes today I made some underwear.

I used a stretchy shirt I had and made it into underwear. It was amazingly easy to do and it is actually comfortable. I may have to do more. I took one of mine and traced it to make a pattern and then I cut the shirt, sewed it, added elastic and a little crocheted flower I had laying around. I know you all want me to model it but I want to keep this blog family friendly. Ok, you can have a little peak.

If it wasn't for the Letter-A-Day Challenge I would have never thought about making underwear. Watch out Victoria's Secret!


timeisoftheessence said...

Now, that is the most clever thing anyone could have ever done! Kudos to you!

madre-terra said...

I knew I'd like U Day!
Have you thought about Polartec? I've always wanted Polartec underwear.

Aynex Mercado said...

What is polartech? Is it like polar fleece? That doesn't sound good to me.

Mary Thorsby said...


madre-terra said...

Polartec is the mama of polar fleece. It's the original. Made by Malden Mills in Lawrence, MA.
Now how doesn't that sound good? Something all warm and fuzzy for one's fuzzy?