Kandinsky Sunday - The Gift

The mortal went to dinner at the Renzulli's last night. She came home with a bag for me.

It was stinking of whippets so I thought it was a gag gift. But I decided to investigate further.

And it had Patience Renzulli written all over.

I got some organic cat food, special catmilk, and a bottle of Meowlot, wine for cats. I'm such a fancy cat! I think people think I'm a drunk like the mortal. As I once heard in a movie "I'm not drinking and f%$king meowlot!" Unless it tastes good. We'll see tonight for dinner. But best of all in the bag there was a cat toy!

Thank you Patience because I know bill or the whippets didn't had anything to do with this gift.

1 comment:

Patience-please said...

How is your mortal's HEAD??? She drank plenty of MERLOT last night. I'm glad you liked the toy, I loved the sound effects... What??? Yes, he knows. Wait, don't push, don.... ouch!

HEY C-A-T.. We did not give you any stinking anything and we'll give you a GAG GIFT all right.

the whippets