Old San Juan

My grandfather is turning 90 next month. They are having a big surprise family reunion in Puerto Rico. I can't go so I'm making a video of what I am doing here to send to him. I also wanted to get him a gift and since it is such an important birthday I couldn't get him a gift certificate or something like that. I decided to make him a quilt. I know I said before that I wasn't going to quilt anymore but then I saw this picture and got inspired.

First I made a pattern in the computer. Since I didn't had a lot of time before I had to mail it, I decided to do a small quilt. It is 20" x 16". Since it has so many details, there were a lot of small pieces. there are pieces in there that are 1/8" wide!

Then I made the quilt. The building in the back I think is La Fortaleza, which is the Governor's Mansion. Just in time for all the chaos that is going on with the governor of Puerto Rico at the moment.
Disnky approves.


William F. Renzulli said...

what a wonderful birthday gift!

madre-terra said...

OMG! What a great gift. I just love it and the thought behind it. Your grandfather is very lucky.