Just 10 pounds!!

Ok. so I'm trying to lose weight. Not a lot of weight, just 10 pounds. Everyone around me is losing weight and I don't want to be left as the fatty one! But it so hard to lose those 10 pounds! My plan is to eat less and healthier foods which means no chocolate, people! Everyone I know knows that I love chocolate so they are always giving chocolate. Also, I need to exercise more which is not easy with a bad hip! I started Monday after my birthday party. I lost 1.5 pounds by Wednesday and I was feeling pretty good until Eric gave me some Canterberry Eggs. I have never had Canterberry Eggs but I always hear people raving about them so I gave them a try. Bad idea. Then all I wanted was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... I was like the cookie monster of chocolate and this morning I gain a pound back. But no worries. I have my plan of attack. When I get hungry I'll have a cup of coffee or take a nap. So I'll be really awake or really sleepy but I won't be hungry, for awhile anyway. Tonight I had a late snack of granola with a glass of the leftover Bitch wine. That was a weird combo but it was good. Did you know you can type much faster after a glass of wine? Maybe I shouldn't be posting this tonight, I may regret it in the morning, but here I go. At least I'm not drunk dialing. I have done that before. Am I rambling?

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Patience-please said...

I've already gained two pounds back since Bill got home. wah.
Drunk writing? Think about it. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Renzulli.