I Challenge You!

I have been almost a month making things and it has been really fun. Now I'm going to spread the fun in the blogsphere. I'm challenging bloggers to make something, anything, and post about it. Let's see what you creative people come up with! Here are the rules:
  1. Make something, anything. It doesn't have to be complicated or artsy. Make a list, take an interesting picture, make someone's day, make dinner, make a doodle, make fun of yourself, make a poem, make your bed (ok, that last one is lame).
  2. Write a blog about it. With pictures for extra brownie points.
  3. Link to this blog and challege six other bloggers to do the same.
So I'm challenging Bizzyville, Reflections on a Life in Medicine and Art, Patience-please, Laura K at the Bay, iListPaducah Blog and A Sparkle in the Jar.

Don't I know some beautiful people? And all the blonde ones have the same haircut. Bill, you are not allowed to make a painting!


Suzanne said...

I'm in!

anessa said...

Ha! OK!
I will do it...but give me about a week. I'm getting ready for an art show.
: )

Patience-please said...

What a totally awesome challenge! We should have to link back to you, too. I'll work on this, it must not only be blogworthy, but Aynex blog worthy. OH LORD THE PRESSURE!

Mary Thorsby said...

OK, I did it Sunday, but it's not the least bit creative. Sweaty, but not creative. I'm just about recovered from it all. Whew.

Ashley said...

Great idea!

Patience-please said...

I have not forgotten. And I bugged Bill.

Laura K said...

Crafty, crafty!!


Patience-please said...

I did it. I did it twice, sort of.
OK, I'm just lame.