Kandinsky Sunday

I want to show all of you what the mortal had the audacity to do. This has to be abuse. Call Animal Protection.

She put a collar on me! How humiliating is that? Is she trying to say I am her property? Nobody owns The Dinsk! The collar even says my name and her address. Does she think I don't know my own name? Would she tatoo her name to her neck in case she forgot it? Well, I wasn't going to take that. I immediately took it off and when ever she tried to put it back on, I would take it off again. Finally I decided that someone else needed the collar more than me.

There is this stupid dog always laying around the house. I think her name is Audrey. Everytime I see a stupid dog I see it with a collar around his neck. So I think they don't mind the humiliation maybe they even like it so I waas kind enough to give my collar to Audrey. I tried to put it on but I'm not one of those freak cats that have thumbs.

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