Kandisnky Sunday -Patience and Me

Aynex and I were awarded the You Make My Day Award from Patience at the Patience-Please blog. You may be surprised to see that she gave this prestigious award to a cat with her being such a dog person. She has nine for heaven's sake! But I have to get Patience out of her cat-loving closet.

Yeah, she may write stories about crazy cats from hell that terrorize her precious dogs on their morning walks but I know the truth. Patience looooves me, a cat! That's right, A CAT!

Who is the person that drives to Pet Smart and buys my food? Who is the person that gets me the perfect organic flushable wheat cat litter that I demand? Who is the person that goes to the vet and gets my flea medicine? Who is the person that gives me baths so I can maintain a beautiful shinny coat? Who is the person that carries cat toys in her store just for me? PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE!

That's right whippets. You can start hating me even more now. I got your mommy in my pocket, if I had any. Pretty soon she will not be the crazy dog lady in the neighborhood. She'll be the crazy cat lady. And if you don't believe me, here is the proof.


Mary Thorsby said...

Very, very funny!

William F. Renzulli said...

Aynex, who is that lady with Kandisnky? she looks familiar but I can't place her, not with the cat in her arms.vzj

timeisoftheessence said...

How hysterical! Let's adopt a cat for her birthday! The truth is finally out! I know that Patience wouldn't admit it! You are so funny!

Patience-please said...

Hey you stinkin' C-A-T you are dead meat. We left you another award and why don't you come on over in REAL LIFE to get it, huh???
Just cause the human spit her taco all over the monitor laughing don't think you're of the hook.
Be afraid. Be very afraid...

grrrrr the whippets

Beethoven said...

When a feline comes along, you must whippet. Wipshhh.... whippet good!