Alien Chickens Invade Paducah!

I have not own a TV for a couple of months and I don't miss it at all. If I ever want to watch something on TV, there is always a way to find it on the Internet. But two incidents happened in the last days that made me wish I had a TV. One was that there was a tornado warning in Paducah and I had no way of knowing if I should hide in the closet that is the only place in my apartment with no windows. I heard the tornado alarm so I decided it was a good idea to hide in the closet then. I tried to grab Dinsky but he would get away from me. Finally I was able to lure him in the closet with a feather boa. We stayed in the closet until the alarm went off but I still didn't know if it was safe because I had no TV.

This morning I wished I had TV again because I saw this on YouTube.

Yeah that made me wish I had a TV so I could have seen that live but as I said, you can find anything on the Internet.


Dale Anne said...

I'm thinking a radio would be a better idea than TV as sometimes TV coverage is affected by tornadoes more so than radio stations. Just my two cents.
Glad you were safe...seeing the damage to other areas is heart breaking especially when it should NOT be tornadoe season!!!

Patience-please said...

OMG those videos had me laughing so hard I woke up poor Bill!
Yes, listen to the radio so you can hear my funny stories.
Oh, the whippets are really mad about this, but Kandinski and you got an award from me. You have to go to my blog to get it.

Patience and the angry whippets