Blogs that make me go hmmm...

I got another blog award. Or maybe I should say Kandinsky got another blog award. His is getting more popular than me especially among the canine neighbors. The whippets at the Patience-please blog gave Kandinsky this award and now we have to post 5 other blogs that make us think. So here is my list. Dinsky's list will be coming up on Sunday. He doesn't take time of his busy schedule in the middle of the week to blog.

Here are some posts that have made me think lately:
- Blogging without obligation - I have never said sorry for not posting here, have I?
- Mr. Doob - Interesting stuff
- Artists Cafe Magazine Review at U-handblog - I want one!
- How to Survive Writing a Graphic Novel - applies to any artist
- Blog Setup: 40 Practical Tips - I want to work on some of these soon

Speaking of blogging, today I was out with Patience. It is funny when two bloggers get together. All of a sudden everything seems blogworthy and the phrase "don't you be putting this on your blog!" gets repeated a lot. It is a whole new subculture we are starting here.

1/15 Addition: I saw this blog today and I definitely had to add it to the list. This is the Day.

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Patience-please said...

You're safe with me. I'm too senile to remember anything I thought was blogworthy by the time I get home.