Kandinsky Sunday - Operation Kandinsky Freedom

Operation Kandinsky Freedom is underway. The way I see it, if I am the most annoying cat and one day sneak out the door, the mortal won't come looking for me so I have been hard at work. The other night I felt a hairball coming but I waited until the mortal was asleep then I climbed on her and started to cough up the hairball. The hairball landed on the comforter. I could have aimed at her face but that is just too cruel. Then I am an expert now at what I like to call Monster Poops. Everyday in the morning and at night, I make the stinkiest poops you have ever smelled. I got to admit this is a strategic movement towards victory in OKF but it is also a survival technique because if it weren't for the Monster Poops, the mortal would never clean my litter box which by the way I love. Who has ever heard of a cat peeing on the toilet? Pleeaassee!

I'm starting to investigate the outside territory. Checking out what are the best escape routes and where the dogs are (which is everywhere, thank you very much!). Sometimes when the mortal opens the door, I ran out as quick as I can and she can't catch me. Muahaha! The other day the plan backfired. I escaped out the door in my most athletic manuever but Aynex didn't returned until late at night and it started raining and it was cold. My beautiful white paws were brown with mud and I got all wet. I wasn't a happy kitty.

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Then Christmas comes around and there are bags of presents everywhere so I thought "If I get into one of those bags, when the mortal takes the present out to deliver it, that would be the perfect time to escape! Victory is mine!" but this is what happened

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Patience-please said...

Don't be a dumb cat. Stay home. Good move coughing up the hairball, though.

the whippets